Gypsy Gold’s Seventh Heaven

Cushti Bok x Shampoo Girl

2004 Gypsy Vanner Mare

Heaven has a pedigree born on high. Her sire, Cushti Bok was the first Gypsy Vanner stallion on US soil and her dam, Shampoo Girl is one of the original 16 mares brought over from England to become the matriarchs of the Gypsy Vanner Breed. From each parent, Heaven inherited attributes that have made her quite exceptional. Shampoo Girl is a multiple champion producer and didn’t mind passing her gorgeous head and heavy muscling on to Heaven. Her sire, Cushti Bok, gifted Heaven with his size, presence, and incredible style. Spectators are thrilled when they see this 13.2 hand mare floating at the trot like a big horse!

Heaven is an incredible athlete with the work ethic of a war horse. She is absolutely fearless. Whether carriage driving or under saddle, Heaven makes a trail course look like a walk in the park. She is always thinking and learning and passes this enthusiasm on to her offspring. Along with her great mind, is her great conformation. Correctness is the reason Heaven can move the way she does. Her deep hip and heart girth are the definition of form dictating function. Heaven’s striking coat pattern and exquisite head are just the icing on top of a very sweet cake!


Photo Gallery

Cushti Bok
The Old Horse of Wales
Shampoo Girl
Romany Rye