Equirace Gypsy

The Gypsy King x Papuza

2000 Gypsy Vanner Mare

Equirace (ER) Gypsy is arguably one of the most stunning Gypsy Vanners, if not horses, in all the world. She is easily recognizable in magazines and calendars with those celestial blue eyes, striking coat and captivating beauty. Her pedigree is impressive as well. ER Gypsy is a direct daughter of The Gypsy King, a multiple champion-producing sire. The Gypsy King was presented throughout the country for years and is undeniably the most well-known ambassador in the Gypsy Vanner Breed.

ER Gypsy’s dam is Papuza, one of the original 16 mares brought to America. We believe the impact of a dam’s pedigree is a powerful one. Papuza has left her mark by producing stunning champion offspring and Gypsy has continued that matriarchal tradition. Not only does ER Gypsy pass on her conformational balance and symmetry, her progeny possess her elegance, talent, and athleticism in both performance and halter.

With a Gypsy King/Papuza pedigree, ER Gypsy is without a doubt a special mare. But some horses go beyond bloodlines and beauty. There is a rare gentleness about Gypsy that draws you in. You become acutely aware that you are in the presence of greatness.


Photo Gallery

The Gypsy King
The Smiling Horse
The Walking Bank